03. September – 16. Oktober 2021

Galerie Martin Kudlek, Köln

Christos Venetis wurde in Griechenland geboren und studierte dort bis 1999 an der Aristotle University. Obgleich er noch immer in Thessaloniki, Griechenland lebt und arbeitet, stellt er seit 2017 in der Galerie Martin Kudlek in Köln aus.

Ein Interview mit Christos Venetis im FUKT Magazine #15 dient als Künstlerportrait der Galerie:

The World is a book

Can you tell me about the choice of using the inside cover of ripped books?

“I usually use surfaces of objects that a had past life or a different use. The “symbolism” of the book is more or less familiar, while the torn pages convey a sense of loss, a wound. This series of drawings could be titled Liber Mundi / Imago Mundi. The term “Liber mundi” (the world as a book) suggests the idea of wholeness or, at least, the desire, the craving for wholeness. It is a medieval idea that continued with the Enlightenment Encyclopedia and the full use of written speech. However, it is a known fact that our time is defined by the domination of the image. It is a whole comprised of fragments of two different communication systems.”

How important is the narration in your work?

“Reality itself is a product of narration. The dominant discourse conceals its ficitonal nature and artists acting in this field, either deconstruct this “construct” or reality or narrate alternative stories. However, it is the viewer who completes the narration. So the stories exist within other stories. I believe there is no such thing as an original experience, which is why I use found images to create my own narration.”

Galerie Martin Kudlek
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